Working Procedure


Introductory meeting:

It is customary for me to start with a free introductory meeting – preferably at the exact location – we can get to know each other better and to discuss your wishes, ideas and personal preferences in detail. I will also take photos and take measurements of the room(s).

My expertise and work wise is covered in separate elements , I will discuss this with the associated rates during our introductory meeting. Subsequently, I will convert our conversation into a clearly formulated plan and upon approval, we will get to work.

Below you will find my standard method. You can, of course, extract elements from it according to your own wishes.


Basic plan:

To find out more about your taste and style, I will ask you to provide one or more atmospheric images, e.g. cuttings from magazines. These images are the starting point for the design. I will elaborate on this and I will issue colour advice from there. The colour card will be a guidance for the atmosphere of a room.


Interior design:

In this phase I design the space to scale in 2D. I will make various sketches and will convert the final design into a 3D design of the space. The colour advice and also a furniture and lighting plan are included. In addition, I can – if desired – also take care of the purchase and delivery of the furniture.



After the work has been carried out at your home and the furniture has been purchased and delivered, I will come to complete the styling of the room to perfection. The 3D drawing becomes reality.



Of course I can also plan the renovation of a room/object for you if you do not have the contacts or simply want to hand over the coordination, then I am ready to assist you with that.


Project management:

During the entire process – from the moment of instruction to the moment of delivery – I am ready to guide the project until the completion of a high-level renovated, perfectly finished and fully furnished and ready-to-use house, office or catering facility.