Property Styling

Property styling is the solution when it comes to selling a house to the best advantage. It emphasizes the best characteristics of a home and ensures that it appeals to a broad target group. The first impression of a property must be outstanding, a home must instantly feel good because this contributes to faster sales, more viewings and ultimately a higher bid.

I can often create a stunning metamorphosis with either small adjustments or by styling the entire house, in order to sell the property as good as possible. With my hands-on mentality we can achieve a high result within a short amount of time.

In addition, property styling can also, in the broad sense of the word, give properties/real estate projects an identity. I can be of help when it comes to incorporating any given style whether this is just a small studio or a project that consists of several blocks. The recognizability and the consistency of a style throughout a project is something I am able to create and realize.

Please contact me for any information regarding the re-styling of a property to be sold, as well as the implementation of a certain style of your real estate. I am happy to discuss the options and possibilities for your project.